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Become a part of the Unicorn Allianc3

The Unicorn Allianc3 is an artistic family in constant growth, artists can audition to join us. 

Alix explains ; "It's a powerful combination of competition, revealing one's true nature, and taking a leap of faith. The stories they share are extremely powerful. I read every single audition. It's a very emotional experience for both myself and the artist. It is the first spark of connection between us" 

Joining the Unicorn Allianc3 will bring your career a step further...

How to apply

To apply, send the the requested information by e-mail to Alix at

1. Create an original piece of art. Mediums include hair, make-up, nails, tattoos, dance, music or illustration. Send 3 images or videos.

2. Explain in your own words why you want to be a member of the Unicorn Allianc3

3. Explain how you will contribute to the community

Thank you!

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