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Alix Maya is the Queen of UNICORN HAIR. Her passion for cutting and painting hair stems from her background as an Abstract Painter and Graffiti Artist. She has left her mark in the industry and her work has paved the way for other artists. Well-known for giving back to the profession, Alix shows support for fellow artists and offers her expertise in the classes she teaches across the United States. She has taught independently at every major hair show in the country as well as at private events and curated shows involving artists from around the world.
Alix has been nominated 10 times for Behind the Chair’s One Shot Awards and is the 2016 winner of Rainbow Shot of the Year award. Her success has garnered a following of over 70,000 on Instagram, while the organization she founded, The Unicorn Allianc3 (formerly The Unicorn Tribe), has over 140,000 followers. There are over 400 Unicorn Allianc3 members stemming from around the world. The reach of the Allianc3 members is 2-million followers and growing.
Cofounder of the The Age Of The Artist Movement (TAOTAM) awards, an interactive LIVE contest where the best of the best in the industry put their skills on display, is another way that Alix supports fellow artists. Along with being a VIP backstage experience, it also provides educational opportunities.
Alix’s newest venture is creating hair products. She has teamed up with Alkaii Beauty to produce Unicorn Milk, a restorative leave-in hair treatment that repairs and smooths hair.
Alix began to receive recognition from leading industry magazines for creating several creative color techniques in 2016. To date, Allure, Seventeen, Modern Salon, Bangstyle, Behind the Chair, American Salon and numerous other magazines and publications have featured her work. Her work went viral in 2016. A piece named “Fruity Pebbles” which was posted on the website “Hairstylists Creations,” received over 30 million likes.

Alix specializes in Creative Color or as the world now knows it, Unicorn Hair. Next Level Naturals which is natural hair color fused with Unicorn Color is another of her specialities. Balayage, Color Melting, Boho Styling and Dry Cutting along with Razor Cuts.

Alix Maya Clymer


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